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ICD-10 Virtual Code Book Introduction

Developed by the leading ICD-10 educator in the United States, the nThrive Education ICD-10 Virtual Code Book app allows the user to enter clinical terms and/or disease/condition names to search for correct and specific ICD-10-CM codes without the use of a code book or encoder. The app allows the user to enter additional clinical words and modifiers to refine searches and drive to a more specific code, especially conditions offering hundreds of code choices. It also provides detailed information on each code, including convention information such as Excludes, Includes, Code Also, and other rules governing code selection. All this valuable information is provided in the same, easy-to-access view.

The app offers specific ICD-10 documentation tips for many of the conditions listed, enabling the user to ensure the required documentation is included with the code choice. Other features include saving Favorites for quick reference, looking up codes by chapter, linking to cross-references and other related codes, and searching for codes using medical shorthand.

The nThrive Education ICD-10 Virtual Code Book eliminates the need for an ICD-10-CM code book, as all codes are contained within its easy-to-use, clinically focused interface. This app is perfect for physicians who do their own coding, noncoders or billers who select codes, or even pro-fee and hospital coders who want an innovative mobile solution to find the right code when needed.

Intended For:

  • Physicians who code
  • Non-credentialed individuals who code
  • Pro-fee and hospital coders
  • Clinical documentation improvement specialists
  • Professional billers
  • Quality Assurance/Compliance/UR Review
  • Any healthcare professional coding or looking up codes

Key Features:

  • Includes every ICD-10-CM code with conventions
  • Offers easy-to-use functionality allowing search of codes using clinical or condition terminology as well as direct code entry
  • Provides documentation tips for many of the diseases and codes to drive more specific documentation for severity of illness
  • Allows saving of Favorites to enable creation of quick reference code lists and quasi-"super-bills"
  • Enables noncoders and physicians to easily search for codes without a book or encoder.
  • Employs frequent updates to enhance the app through new features and changes made by CMS


  1. The first screen allows you to search the Virtual Code Book.

  2. The second screen allows you to browse chapters of the code book.

  3. When you select a topic, you are able to view more information about that topic.

  4. Official conventions are included, and many codes contain tips to ensure documentation specificity. To add a code to Favorites, click/tap the star.

  5. The Favorites screen allows you to view all of the codes that you have chosen as Favorites.

  6. The Virtual Code Book can search for codes using medical shorthand terms; just type the term in the search box. For example, typing "Chf" in the search box automatically selects "congestive," "heart," and "failure."

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For questions, assistance, and/or information about our nThrive Education Virtual Code Book or other educational products, please email support@nthriveeducation.com and our system will create a support ticket that will be addressed as soon as possible.